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Our Flower Patch


Our Flower Patch is designed to support primary schools and early years settings who want to fully utilise their outdoor space as a learning zone and wish to increase the biodiversity of their school garden. Our Flower Patch is a website based educational programme that provides online support and activities to encourage young people to fully engage with the world around them, grow flowers, market them and then sell them as a young eco business enterprise project. Activities are not limited to flower growing and cover many areas of biodiversity and ecosystem awareness. Slugs, bugs, worms, composting, recycling, sustainability to name just a few. Our Flower Patch is a flexible programme and we aim to support schools to use the outdoors to teach all areas of the curriculum, as well as teaching life skills and financial responsibility. The sustainable behaviours that will be fostered amongst the young people will filter through to their parents and the wider community and will grow with the young people as they mature.