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Veldwerk Nederland


Veldwerk Nederland operates nationally and internationally in education for sustainability. Founded in 1979 we manage 3 education centres, employing an educational staff of 12 experienced members. Core business is to involve people in issues concerning environment and sustainability, by focussing on educational processes and the interdependence with society. Not only in formal education but also e.g. in sustainable tourism, health- and childcare. Veldwerk has successfully applied for, participated in and lead international projects for more than 15 years. These projects were funded by WWF, Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EU LLP program. Veldwerk aims to involve people in the care for, preservation and awareness of the value and significance of our environment and the transition to a sustainable economy by: • development and improvement of programs on education for sustainability • delivering extensive training programs both in and outside the formal educational system • carrying out innovative and well-tested programs, e.g. with schools for primary, secondary, vocational education and adult professional education • SVN contracts projects with a large variety of target groups: government, education, elderly people, recreation, childcare and NGO's.