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Szamóca kiskertész-tanoda


The main objective of Szamóca (Little strawberries) project is to provide children a great experience of gardening: how to create garden components from grass, tree, flower and recyclable items. Our essential task is to set up a gardening school for kids: organize thematic courses in schools, kindergartens, community- and botanic gardens. The practical playgroups operated by the „Szamóca method” – motivate the „little strawberries” to protect nature and their fragile environment, nurture healthier and think creative. Our goal in the future is to develop a national network of gardening-animators – in a franchise system – as well as expanding it abroad. The aim is to create a web page: an informational portal of gardening with kids, and a web shop that can provide itemized books and other products in the specific field. We also plan to sell self-designed gardening „kits” and books in our web shop, which can be used by the animators and by keen hobby gardeners. The program offers flexible part-time job for animators and for all participants. Our activities have potential community-building impact. Common gardening is a perfect way of team-building.