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Pangea Cultural and Environmental Association


For more than 20 years our main mission with the Pangea Association is to develop environmentally conscious worldview in 6 - 16 years old children. The main site for our programs are the education centre in the village Pénzesgyőr where we operate an accredited open-air school. Our education program is experience-based: the children get impulse from nature according to their age. One fine example for this is the tradition of fairy tale-based framework-stories in the Hedgehog Camps — nomadic Süni and Sündörgő camps — that we arrange every year. With our camps we try to make them more aware of the global environmental challenges and the local folk values alike. In Pénzesgyőr we operate a green agriculture. We raise native animals and use extensive hay meadow. The goal of our farm is demonstration and education, so in our traditionally cultivated orchard and herb garden a large range of forma and species varieties can be found. We composting, sustaining soil fertility and use other organic farming technics. We owe a lot to our volunteers. The association is built and evolving with their help. Their work makes it possible to support a major project every year like the Gaia Camp we organize yearly.