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Magonc Alapítvány


The Magonc Foundation's main aim is to organize environmental protection and conservation, cultural and sports programs to help our participating youths in their healthy development from childhood. During these programmes, we would like the participants to learn about historical, environmental and cultural heritage, and to enable them to accept the whole world's cultural values. One of the largest and most important projects of the organization is a summer camp that have been organised in different parts of Hungary's typical landscapes since 2008. There are 120 participants, including the campers, helpers and organisers. The main aim of the summer camp is to provide a natural environment for the participants far away from cities and towns, where they can learn about the ecology of the particular land, customs and occupation of the local people. During all these activities a well-functioning, cohesive social community is being formed. Starting from 2009, the foundation also takes an active role in international projects. Magonc aims to organize exchange programs in which Hungarian youngsters can visit other countries, and other youngsters living abroad have a chance to visit Hungary. Cultural diversity and exchanging experiences are taking an important rule of these activities. The foundation will successfully fulfills its goal if the youth participants of our programs will grow up to be responsible adults, capable of thinking and acting freely for their community and environment.