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Our Goals and Tasks are: Protect natural, environmental, historic, and cultural values; unite individuals, civil organisations, economic societies, and local authorities that are all committed to preserve traditions; support the marketing of their services; improve their business federation and services; Popularise the region –in order to make it Hungary’s natural centre – with the help of a common website, a database that presents suppliers, maps and publications; Improve and popularise environmentally conscious behaviour and lifestyle; Promote equal opportunities for disadvantaged, disabled people and involve them into the association’s activities; Organise cultural, sport, and other leisure education programmes (practical, experience-based learning); and Create relations and cooperation with similar national and foreign civil organisations. Activities for Public Use: education and training, talent management, dissemination of knowledge, cultural activity, safeguarding of cultural heritage, protection of nature, animals and environment; child- and youth protection; promotion of socially equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups. Enterprise Activity: As a public association, it can only have supplementary enterprise activity on account of realising its targets of public use. Membership: The Association is an open organisation so, by this reason, every Hungarian, foreign, natural person of full age, legal entity or organisation that agrees to stipulated fundamental rules and that can offer services in compliance with the Association’s goals can gain membership.