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Erdei Iskola Egyesület


Our fellowship has started its activity for more than 20 years now as a non-profit organization. We would like to outline our main activities: education, knowledge spreading, skill development; activity, protecting the cultural heritage; environmental activity, animal protection; child protection, youth interestrepresentation; promoting social chance equality of underprivileged groups; activity with hungarian national and ethnic minority groups, activity with transborder Hungarians. Our fellowship consists of practicing pedagogues and the serving of forest schools. So we regularly organize camps, forest schools, excursions and its setting, programs to the children of the kindergarten, to the school and high school students. We also organize camps for underprivileged children.The main topics of this camps are how to live a healthy, sustainable, valuable life. We also develop the childrens social skills. Our methods are based on playfulness, cooperation, and on the discovery of the local environmental and cultural values. Our main intention is to hand over our knowledge , and our methods to the students and to the pedagogues. Furthermore we also intend to give the chance to the students to participate in one of this programmes once at least. We demostrate this interest in all forums. In addition we also organize different programmes dealing with healthy lifestyle, sustainability, eco-friendly lifestyle. Some volunteers are also involved in planning our programms. (forest schools, excursions, exhibitions, family days). We promote the success of our colleagues work with different trainings and publications.